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Nox app player is a software to run Android apps on a Windows and Mac computer working as an Android emulator. Nox app is tool to use all Android and iOS apps on a Windows and Mac computer while the Nox player app stands as the app installer and launcher.

Nox download brings a feature to use the Google play store apps that are developed by for Android mobile to a computer or laptop running a Windows OS such as Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10/10.1

Download Nox player 6 for Mac and Windows computer to run your favorite smartphone on your PC. If you are using player 5, you need to upgrade to player 6 to enjoy the new features of the mobile emulator.

Nox Player Features

We’ll provide a full detail features of the Nox app player and the Nox download link for Windows and Mac. However, before that, here are the features of the Nox app 6.

1.Nox is fast and smooth for playing mobile games on your PC without reducing your device performance. The emulator provies a leading technology feature to run game as a Nox game which is faster than the default mobile game.

2. Nox player supports high FPS keyboard format, keypad feature, and smart-casting which allow users to use their computer keyboard as a control pad without using an external gamepad whether cord-pad or Bluetooth pad.

3. The app player is compatible with all apps and games, both old and new app to download and play favorite game on Nox and use favorite mobile app on Windows and Mac PC.

4. You can switch from one gamepad option from one to another. If you are tired of using a gamepad you can switch to FPS keyboard, and you can also switch from FPS keyboard to Nox multi-instance where you split your computer screen to perform different task playing the Nox game.

5. Nox app also support picture-in-picture while playing a video game

Download Nox App Player

Nox App Player Full Details

Here are the mobile emulators full features and a link to download Nox for PC and Nox for Mac computer.

Nox App Player DownloadDetails
Software NameNox App Player
Software Size350 MB
OS CompatibilityWindows & Mac
Software Category.Exe and .DMG
Support DevicesWindows & Mac
Windows DownloadLink
Mac DownloadLink
Developer’s WebsiteBigNox
Latest Release 12/03/2018 v6.2.6.0

Download Nox Player for Windows 7/ 8/ 8.1 /10/ 10.1

Here are the step-by-step procedures on how to install Nox player app on your Windows computer.

1.Download Nox player app from the link provided in the detail table provided above. Always make sure you download the latest version.

2. Go to your Windows’ PC download folder and click on the Nox_setup_v6.2.6.0 name in your download folder. Note that the version number can change hence. However, we are currently using the version

3. Accept the software terms and condition and then click on the install option.

Install Nox Player App

4. You need to access the pop up that comes up after by clicking on OK on your Windows PC by hovering your mouse pointer to it and click on it.

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For Nox online file, that is, if you are downloading directly from the internet, it should last for just 15 minutes or less depending on your internet signal. And if you are using the Nox offline installer, the entire process should take less than 5 minutes to install the app player successfully.

Install Nox app player offline

5. Once the whole installation process is done you will be taken away from the installation interface and show up a start button. Click on the start button to launch the emulator. In the emulator’s interface you’ll see “screen capture” and “auto-touch macro”.

Nox App Player

Next, we’ll discuss how to use NoxApp player to download mobile apps on your PC.

Download NoxApp Player for Mac

To proceed with installing NoxApp player on your Mac computer follow these procedures. The whole process is rather the same with installing NoxApp player for Windows computer.

1.Download NoxApp player for Mac following the link in the detail section and copy the installer to a location where it can be accessed in time when you want to install it.

2. Click on “Nox_player_app_mac.dmg” file in the location the offline installer is kept and accept the NoxApp terms and condition.

3. Follow the on-screen instruction to complete the installation process. If you have installed the Mac software before the whole process should take a few minute whether NoxPlayer online or NoxApp player offline installer.

How to Use Nox App Player

NoxApp player has a default interface comprises of Google store, Google settings, Game Play, Facebook Lite, and File Manager which is different from the BlueStacks emulator’s interface.

1.Launch the NoxApp player emulator on your Windows or Mac computer and you will see the interface below

NoxApp Home interface

2. For Android apps click on the Google play store app icon and for Apple apps, log into your iTunes account with the help of your Apple ID.

Nox App Player

Once you have successfully logged in to your apps store account you can proceed to start to download mobile apps and games using the emulator for your PC.

Nox App Player Emulator Top Games

Nox App player is a sfotware to download and install mobile apps and games on a Windows and a Mac computer for free. 

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