Download “Pixel Gun 3D” Shooting Game for Smartphone

Pixel Gun 3D Game

Pixel Gun 3D is an action game that involves shooting and fighting for your own survival in the war front. The Pixel Gun game is similar to Pubg with a different playing idea to win a battle for yourself, your neighbor, and save those who were caged hostiles.

So, if you are searching for a 3D game about shooting for Android and iOS device, then, Pixel Gun 3D is what we’ll be talking about in this article. We had time playing the 3D game and found it to be active than most passive review I had read about the game.

This isn’t a Pixel Gun 3D game review. So, if you need to know more about the 3D game check out the online platforms that are dedicated for reviewing apps and games. You can just check the for more info.

Firstly, I’ll advise you don’t loom for Pixel Gun 3D hacks if you don’t want to be blocked from playing the game. Just follow the normal routine of playing the game. Learn the basics and you will enjoy playing the Gun 3D game with the background music.

The Gun 3D game isn’t a karate game. It’s a gan full of various amonitions and learning to use them can be really hard. However, once mastered, you can proceed to face challenges and challenge people around and even your friends with the Pixel Gun 3D game multiple player feature.

The best trick to play the game is challenge better players and do not see yourself as the champion. Learn a new skill every time you play the game and try to use it while going on a challenge so as to master the act and make it a masterpiece when you really need to utilize it.

Unfortunately, there is not Pixel Gun 3D PC software to download and install the 3D game directly on your computer. However, as a part of this article’s commitment, we’ll discuss how to download and install the game on a Windows and Mac computer.

Note: This game is a huge game when it comes to size. It weighs around 688M. Therefore, if you do not have enough mobile data, endeavor to download it using a WiFi.

Features of Pixel Gun 3D Game

Of all things you need to know when choosing a game is the features first. Would you like the features or you just need a game to keep you busy. So, if you were like me, you will take your time to check through the Pixel Gun 3D game features and see whether it’s a topnotch and can be compared and contrast with games like Pubg, Dream League Soccer, and many others.

  1. 3D building and crafting game
  2. Tests your building skills
  3. Improves your creativity
  4. Lots of magical worlds with numerous shapes and sizes
  5. Unique online maps for you to explore
  6. Multi-player modes for more exciting gameplay
  7. Play with up to 8 players in one game
  8. Play against your friends using the “local” option
  9. Many characters to play the game from various perspectives
  10. Various crafting items
  11. A wide variety of weapons, including short-range and long-range guns
  12. Chat with other players during the battle
  13. Lots of easy coins to be earned using different game modes
  14. Hardcore gameplay for serious gamers

Download Pixel Gun 3D for Android, Windows and iOS

Officially, you can download Pixel Gun 3D game directly from your smartphone apps store for free without downloading the APK. However, I haven’t downloaded the Pixel Gun 3D APK for a while because I was scared of been caught by a virus or malicious code.

Pixel Gun 3D Game

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Therefore, if you would prefer to download the Pixel 3D game directly from your your phone OS apps store kindly click on the name of your OS below to download the 3D game.

Android  |  iOS  | Windows Phone 

Fix Pixel Gun 3D Game Not Working [Android Only]

If you are having an hard time playing the Pixel 3D game with an error message saying, unfortunately, the app has stopped working or unfortunately, the game app isn’t responding, here os what to do to fix the error.

1. Go to your Android phone settings

2. Scroll down to “Apps” or “Apps manager” or Applications manager” and click on it

3. Find the “Pixel Gun 3D” game from the list of apps you have on your device and click on the shooting game icon.

4. Click on “Storage” and click on “Clear Caches”

5. Done

This simple approach should safe you the stress of re-downloading the game app again or restarting your phone. However, if the above steps doesn’t work, kindly update the app to the latest version if available online.

Download Pixel Gun 3D for PC and Mac

It’s a very heartbreaking story for me that there is no direct way to download Pixel 3D game software and install it on my PC without having to use a third-party software. This really make it hard for me to play on the PC.

Nonetheless, I am seeing this as a half-full opportunity instead of a halp-empty opportunity that will stop me from playing the Pixel game on my Windows and Mac computer.

Here is a documented approaches I use to download and install the Pixel 3D game on my computers using a BlueStacks emulator. If you don’t have the emulator or know much about it, I will provide a link to download the emulator and you can also widen you understand here about the software [BlueStacks].

Pixel Gun 3D Game

1. Download and install the BlueStacks Android emulator on your PC. This should take a few moment. Once successfully installed, the software will make your PC a mobiel environment such that you can download and install all mobile apps of your choice.

2. Now, Launch the emulator and log into your Google play store account. This is curcial, since the app is available in the play store, you can then download the play store or iOS store version rather than the Pixel Gun 3D APK.

3. In the search box type “Pixel Gun 3D” and click on the search button to search for the 3D game after which you will have to click on the “Install” button.

4. The emulator will begin the normal installation process just the way it installed on your Android phone. The might take some times depending on your internet connection. However, once the installation is done completely you can launch the game and start playing on your PC using your Keyboard or your game pad connected to your PC.

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