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Showbox APK for Android download. If you would love to download Showbox APK on your Android device today and start watching the latest movies on your Android phone here is an article for you.

Showbox is a streaming app developed for Android users to have access to premium movies on movies platforms such as Netflix and others. However, for Android users to start using Showbox like Moviebox or Cartoon HD you first have to enable install from unknown sources otherwise, the Showbox App will not be installed and you will be faced with difficulties to use the Showbox app which is an APK file on your Android phone.

As it were, Showbox team upgrade the APK app constantly to make sure that all bugs are fixed and new features are rolled out. However, to download the latest Showbox APK check out the download page and you will have access to all release Showbox APK for your device.

Meanwhile, another good thing about Showbox being an APK app is that you do not need to uninstall the older version to install the new version. Therefore, to update Showbox to the latest version will be discussed toward the tail end of this article.

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But before that, I will share the latest Showbox.APK file I am currently using on my Android phone with you so that you can have the latest version in case you do not want to go to Showbox download page and then upgrade it to the latest version when you start using it.

Although, Showbox is developed for Android phones. But, Showbox can also be installed on a Windows computer and Mac computer. iPhone users can also download Showbox using emulators like vShare and the rest of them.

For iPad users, there is also a simple approach to download Showbox IPA file and sideload it on your device. Meanwhile, this tutorial will focus on how to download Showbox APK  and how to update Showbox APK without installing a newer version.

Enable Unknown Sources

Before you can install an APK file after you have downloaded it from APK store you need to enable install from unknown sources on your device. For this reason, follow the procedures below to enable install from unknown sources.

  • Go to Phone settings (Swipe down notification tray or go to phone menu)
  • Scroll down to security option
  • Tap “unknown sources”
  • Accept the popup warning
  • Once the option is enabled you can proceed to download the APK app and install it.

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This will guarantee you that you won’t encounter a difficulty when you want to install the Showbox APK except the file is corrupted when you are downloading it.

Download Showbox APK

Showbox APK V5.10 is the latest version I’m running on my device. Therefore, I’ll share the v5.10 with you and you can upgrade it later once there is an updated version.

Version Showbox 5.10
File Size 38.82 MB
Requirement Android 4.2 and Up
Developer Showbox Team

Showbox APK

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Install Showbox APK on Android

Here is how to install Showbox APK on an Android device. Note that your device must be on a minimum of Android 4.0 to use Showbox.

  • Download Showbox APK from the source provided above
  • Go to your download folder (MicroSD/inner storage)
  • Double tap on the Showbox.APK file
  • Tap on install to the bottom right
  • Wait for a couple of seconds to finish the installation
  • Tap on done to exit the app or click on open to launch the Showbox app directly from the installation page

Now, you can start to use your Showbox APK app and start streaming and downloading movies unlimitedly and without a registration.

How to Update Showbox

There are three different ways to update Showbox. And it all depends on the Showbox version you are using. If you downloaded your Showbox from the Google play store, then, you’d have to go to the play store to upgrade your Showbox. For the play store guide follow these procedures.

  • Open Google play store app
  • Click on menu option and tap on apps & games
  • Find “Showbox” app
  • Tap on “Update” in front of it
  • The update process will begin instantly.

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This method doesn’t work when you want to update Showbox APK? Here is what to do to upgrade your APK Showbox successfully.

  • Launch the old Showbox app you have on your phone
  • Do not rush to search for movies. As you have to wait for a couple of seconds for Showbox to fully load all movies on the interface
  • Now, an upgrade popup will appear with “ Available a new version! Please update your program from our server”
  • Tap “Update”

Showbox APK update

  • The Showbox app will start updating without leaving the Showbox interface

Showbox APK upgrade

  • Tap the install option to the bottom right
  • Done. You now have the latest Showbox APK version installed on your Android.

Note: You need to have a strong internet connection to make this possible other you will encounter an error saying “unable to upgrade”.

If you still have any problem with your Showbox whether buffering or media player error kindly leave a comment below so that we can help you to fix it.


  1. Every time I try to download , show buzz pops up and tells me I will be prosecuted. I don’t need a whole article and directions. Just give me an arrow that says click to download NOW.

  2. Is this true WARNING ALERT!!!
    Showbox is NOT a legitimate software/app/platform for viewing Copyright protected movies. If you use ShowboxApp to view copyright movies, the movies studios may be able to see your IP address and your view history.

    Using Showbox App to watch copyright-protected movies, for which you do not have a license, is illegal and subjects you to liability for copyright infringement.

    Movies studios are cracking down on illegal downloading and are filing lawsuits against users of ShowboxBox app

  3. I had to install the app and reinstall the app and after I reinstalled the app now I can’t get into the app it keeps saying to check my connection when I have full WiFi

      1. I have a full WiFi connection and I can download it but after I open it it keeps says checking data connection for a minute and says I have no internet when I have full WiFi connection I’ve been trying to figure it out all day

        1. Hey um i Have the Same Problem it Says plz Check your Connection even Thoe I Have full Bars I tried uninstalling it but that didn’t work either plz tell me what to do if you found a way to fix it

          1. The future of Showbox is already gone (seems) due to recent sue by movies studio for sharing illegal contents

        2. I am having the same exact issue, the same message telling me o check my internet connection and I have a full wifi connection. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling a few times, still the same issue, app won’t load at all

  4. I re downloaded the app because it wouldnt let me update and now it says I have a conection error. Checked my connection and I’m at 50mbps dl and 8mbps ul. Any help would be appreciated

  5. Once i download and install then go into the app it say wait one moment downloading data then immediately says check my network connection. My data network was working. I even tried over wifi. I also uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times

  6. I just downloaded the app and it went to load and says check your internet conection and I’m on WiFi that strong is there anything I can do to get the app to download the content so I can open the app. Please and thank you

  7. Everytime i go into the app ots says downloading data please wait and then it ends up telling me error connection , i know for a fact theres nothing wrong with my Wi-Fi soo what is going on?!!

  8. I love Showbox so much and it gets my kids and I though the days!!!! But since the last update I cant even use the app.. it just opens a gray screen and the circle just keeps spinning like its loading but nothing happens. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app, and it told me I dont have an internet connection. So I tried it on Wifi and it told me the same thing… clearly I have an internet connection. I’m not sure what happened but please fix this!! I want to be able to use this app again. I miss it. When its fixed I’ll write a better review but for now, fail.

  9. Showbox is down due to being sued and probably won’t be coming back. They were illegally sharing pirited movies. Bye bye Showbox

  10. I was having the same trouble with the app.. I installed it and now i can’t down load it keeps saying the app is corrupt.. I want my showbox back. Was in the middle of a tv series.. Please help..

  11. My showbox keep telling me to check my internet connection and every other app I use on my phone is working fine so i wanna know what’s the problem with it

  12. The app was acting up tonight first the first time after using it since May 2018. I uninstalled it and then reinstalled it. Now when I open the app it tells me “Connection error, check your internet connection.” I’m using a Samsung Galaxy Note 8, please help

  13. I updated my Showbox and it plays fine for a few days until today I go and click on it and I get a blank screen, and server error what do I do

  14. Hello I’ve tried to download the new version a number of times and I keep getting this message:

    Internet error. Check your internet connection!

    My internet is fine. I’ve been using it all day. Please advise ☹️

  15. My showbox has been working great for months…but today all it does when it opens up and i press movies is show a dark screen with a spinning circle! Please Help!#

  16. Hi current unable to access app uninstalled reinstalled error message keeps popping up? Why can u no longer access this app?

  17. Thank you showbox. You guys allowed me to enjoy many movies when I didn’t have the money to go see premiers or whatever with my friends. Thanks for the years of awesomeness you’ve given. And I hope you guys win whatever is going on and come back to us. Again, thank you.

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