Change Showbox Default Player

Showbox Tv App takes a simple look at how to change Showbox default player from the inbuilt media player to an external media player where you will a more control over the media volume, brightness, color, and other relevant information to have the best streaming output while watching movies on your smartphone.

Showbox is a streaming app with a default media player that lets users play movies online directly using the app without using a media players like VLC media player, Mx player, KM Player, and other media players. However, the movies app allows users to change the default player and choose a choice media player to streaming movies online.

Introduction to Changing Showbox Default Player

Showbox has an inbuilt media player to stream movies online using the builtin media app player without an external player [s]. However, with the inner media player, you do not need external players like VLC, Mx Player.

While for a better user control, the use of external media players of your choice is yet another way to get the best of the movies app volume and change the default settings completely.

The app auto-sync all the available media player on your smartphone and prompt users to select the media player over the default player as the new app or video player on the app. This also implies that watching movies on Showbox will take you out of the app and stream on your phone normal screen.

This still requires the use of an internet connection to stream. Therefore, to enjoy this guide, first download your favorite media player. On a personal note, I’ll recommend the VLC media player, Mx Media Player, KM player, and many more.

You can check out the best music and video players for Android and iOS device and download your favorite to set as your Showbox default player.

Showbox media player

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Change Showbox Default Player

Following the procedures below, you will be able to change the movies app internal media player to an external media player like VLC, MX player etceteras.

1. Launch the Showbox movies app on your smartphone [Android or iOS or Windows phone] If you don’t have Showbox app installed on your phone, you can download the latest Showbox for Android, iOS, and Windows. It’s a 100% free app.

2. Click on the menu option to the upper right and click on settings¬†under “new releases

Showbox Default Player

3. Tap on “Default Player” and select an external player from the list of available media players that pop up.

Showbox Default Player

Note: The Android player is the default media player for Showbox and for iOS, it’s the iOS player when you go to the default player settings. However, to use an external media player you must have another external media player different from your OS media player.

In my own case, I have the VLC media player installed on my device. If you have other media players like Mx Player, Km Player and other, it will show in the option and you will be able to select it

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  1. Hello, I have Showbox installed on an Android-based media streamer (MXQ Pro). It runs fine but I can’t access the pause button once the video starts. I click anywhere on the screen or hit any button on my keyboard does nothing. Only a right-click on the mouse will cause the video to exit, or the escape key on the keyboard. Would you be able to help? Note I’ve tried both the VLC player and the Default Android player but to no avail.

    I’ve read that MX Player would help, and I’ve installed it; however it doesn’t show up as an option in Showbox.

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