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Showbox TV App looks at Showbox for iPad today. How to download Showbox for iPad without jailbreaking using an iOS emulator such as iOSEmus, HipStore, iMame Emulator.

Showbox is an entertainment app to turn your smartphone to a TV and a cinema house for free with no signup or subscription. You can use Showbox on iPhone. With Showbox iOS you can download Showbox for iPad downloading Showbox IPA file.

Literally, to download a third-party app on iOS such as Showbox on iPad and iPhone. You need to jailbreak your iPad. But, with iOS emulators, you can download third-party apps and install it without jailbreaking.

Since there is a shortcut to using Showbox iOS without jailbreaking, then, you don’t have to take the risk to jailbreak your iOS device. However, if your iPhone or iPad is jailbroken already, that is an added advantage. It won’t cost you a minute to start using Showbox on your iPad.

Basically, if you don’t want to download Showbox IPA  for iPad, other TV apps like Terrarium TV, Coto Movie are a good one. However, the most download TV app for iOS, iPad, in particular, is the Showbox IPA.

Now that you have chosen to join the league of Showbox IPA fans on iPad here is a guide to download and install Showbox for iPad and start to stream movies, both Hollywood and Nollywood movies for free without a signup email or subscription.

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Showbox for iPad

Download Showbox for iPad

The first technique to try while downloading Showbox for iPad is to think about whether it’s possible to download the app IPA. However, here is how to download Showbox IPA and install it on iPad to start streaming movies online.

  • Backdate your iPad to Dec. 1st, 2014. This is very compulsory else you won’t be able to download the IPA.
  • Launch the Safari browser on your iPad and visit “
  • Type “Showbox” in the search box and click on the go button
  • Click on the install app or scan the app with your phone using the QR scan option
  • Tap install and install again
  • Click on Profile & app management
  • Find “Showbox iOS” under the Enterprise
  • Tap trust
  • Trust
  • confirm

Congratulations you have successfully install Showbox on your iPad without jailbreaking. Meanwhile, when at the point to download Showbox for iPad, select jailbroken if you have jailbroken your iPad or no-jailbreak if you haven’t jailbroken your device to avoid an error message.


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