Showbox for Mac not Working

Showbox for Mac not Working

If you are using Showbox APK on your Mac following the guide we shared on how to use Showbox on Mac and you are experiencing Showbox for Mac not working here is a fix. Do not lose hope on whether you can use Showbox on Mac again when you start seeing this error message.

So, if you are facing Showbox not working on Mac you are not alone. I have a fell victim in the past and the issue was resolved with the tutorial you are about to read. Here in this article, I will explain briefly what to do to fix Showbox error on Mac computer.

Sometimes in the past, I was using Showbox 5.11 which I downloaded using Bluestacks on my Mac computer. It was loading fine when I installed it, and suddenly, it stopped working and stopped loading when I launched it from the Bluestack emulator.

Initially, I thought Showbox had shut down or Showbox no longer working again. However, I launched Showbox APK on my Android phone, works fine. I brought out my iPhone and launch Showbox iOS try to use on it, it was working fine.

Then, I knew it wasn’t that Showbox no longer working at all. It was the Showbox I installed on my Mac or the emulator that had the problem. After a rigorous check, I found how to fix the Showbox not loading on Mac.

Showbox for Mac not Working

Showbox for Mac Not Working Fix

Before you decided to go with Showbox alternative because it’s not loading on your Mac here is a quick fix to carry out on your Mac.

1. Download Latest Showbox

Showbox roll out a new version every now and then to make sure that the app keeps running smoothly and to fix all bugs from hackers. However, if you ain’t running the latest Showbox on your Mac that might be the cause of Showbox not working on your Mac computer.

Also, if you download Showbox 5.11 on your Mac and you haven’t updated it to the latest version then that might be the reason why your Showbox is not loading.

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2. Try Another Emulator

BlueStack isn’t the only emulator to run Android and iOS apps on PC and Mac computers. If Showbox isn’t working on BlueStacks, you should consider trying another emulator like Nox. Nox and BlueStacks are great emulators, you can also try GenyMotion for Mac if you are not sure whether BlueStacks isn’t working fine for you.

3. Check your Internet Connection

BlueStacks need a steady internet connection to work. If you are not connected to a strong internet connection, it is possible for BlueStacks not to load Showbox on it. If you are not sure whether your internet connection is good enough to make Showbox loads on your Mac, do an internet speed test on Google to know whether you need a better internet connection.

Showbox for Mac not Working

4. Clear your Mac Computer Caches

After you have done the above and if the Showbox app isn’t loading you should consider clearing your Mac caches. This could be hard to do but that is yet another solution that you have. Following the procedures below, you will be able to clear your Mac computer caches.

  • Open Finder and select Go > Go to Folder
  • Type in ~/Library/Caches and hit Enter
  • Backup the folders if you are worried about something going wrong
  • Keep the folders, but go into each one and delete the files inside

Uninstall and Re-install Showbox

This is the last option to fix Showbox for Mac not working. Here, what you need to do to fix the not loading error message is to uninstall Showbox on your Mac from BlueStacks or Nox depending on the Android emulator you are using.

Now, restart your Mac computer to clear old Showbox APK remains and download the latest Showbox to Mac and follow this procedure to install Showbox on your Mac computer.

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