Showbox on Samsung Smart TV

Showbox on Samsung Smart TV

Showbox TV app takes a look at how to use Showbox on Samsung Smart TV in this article. If you own a Samsung smart TV and a Samsung phone or a smartphone with an extra view or a mirror feature this post will help you on how to use Showbox on your Samsung TV without installing the Showbox APK.

For the fact that I love experimenting a lot of stuff, one thing I haven’t done is try to install Showbox on Samsung TV since the mirror function in the Samsung Galaxy S7, S8, S9, and plus versions are good enough to bring Showbox to your Smart TV.

The same thing applies to the LG Smart TV. If you own an LG Smart TV you can download Showbox for LG TV and begin to streaming movies on your smartphone mirroring to your LG device.

However, the most challenging part of using a mobile app on your Smart TV is that both devices must be on the same network for easy access. Or else, you will end up discovering that it’s not easy to download and install a mobile app on your Smart TV at home. In fact, doing that will call for a lot of stress.

Therefore, in this guide, we assume that both the Samsung Smart TV and your smartphone with a mirror option are connected to the same network. If your device isn’t a Samsung device here is a lost of apps to serve a mirror function on your Android.

Prepare your Samsung TV for Mirroring

Before you proceed to connect your Smartphone to your Samsung TV, it needs preparation. So, you have to prepare your Smart TV for mirroring.

Get your Samsung TV Ready for Mirroring

When you have a compatible Samsung TV, to make it work with your Samsung Galaxy phone is a smooth ride as long as it supports the mirroring feature. So, before you proceed, first check whether your Samsung TV supports the mirror feature. If it doesn’t, then, it means that you cannot mirror your Smartphone to your Smart TV directly. That means you have to use an HDMI for it.

Setup Samsung TV for Mirroring

Here is a simple approach that always works on both old and new Samsung devices. You can try the same on the like of Hisense or LG. However, since the remote configuration is different you may have to play around it for a while.

  • Get your Smart TV remote control
  • Press the input button
  • Choose screen mirroring
  • Done

Now, if you are able to get to this level on your TV, this implies that you can use Showbox on Samsung Smart TV using the mirror feature.

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Use Showbox on Samsung Smart TV

Once you have successfully enabled the mirror feature on your Samsung TV, next, with the Samsung phone mirror feature or mirroring app on other smartphones, you should be able to mirror your phone screen to your TV using these procedures.

1. Click on the apps menu on your Samsung phone home screen

Showbox on Samsung Smart TV

2. Click on the settings features

Showbox on Samsung Smart TV

3. Go to connect and share and tap the screen mirror option

Showbox on Samsung Smart TV

4. On the mirror page click on the button to turn on the mirroring feature on your phone Once enabled the grey button will change to green.

Showbox on Samsung Smart TV

5. The screen mirror will search for the available TV and the TV will appear in the search box on your phone

Showbox on Samsung Smart TV

6. Click on the name of your Samsung TV from the search result and boom. Your phone screen will start to show on your TV.

Showbox on Samsung Smart TV

How to Stream Showbox Movies on Samsung TV

Now that you have successfully mirror your phone screen to your Samsung TV screen, how do you watch Showbox movies on the device?

1. Launch your Showbox APK app on your Samsung or other Android phones with a mirror feature or even your iOS device with a mirror feature.

2. Search for the movie you want to watch on your Smart TV and play it on your smartphone.

3. While the movie is playing on your phone the phone screen you mirrored to your TV will also display the same phone screen you are streaming movies.

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