How to Install Showbox on TV

Showbox on TV

Showbox is an app to watch and download movies on Android, TV, iOS, Windows, PC, Mac, Firesticks, Smart TV etceteras. To download Showbox on TV implies mirror Showbox to TV using either Samsung mirror feature or using an external media player in Showbox app.

By default, Showbox APK uses internal media player to play movies within the Showbox app. However, with the help of the external media player, you can link Showbox to TV to start to streaming Showbox movies on TV using an external media player or mirroring your smartphone to your TV.

Showbox on TV

Download Showbox on TV

Showbox doesn’t have an add-on for a TV. For Smart TV like LG TV, Apple Smart TV, and other media players like Firesticks and Kodi, you can download Showbox add-on and install it on your device.

However, Showbox doesn’t have a specific add-on or extension for TV. To use Showbox on TV, you can either use an external media player and select your connected TV from the list to magnify the movie on your smartphone screen directly to your TV.

You can as well use a mirror feature on your smartphone, for Samsung users, using the Mirror feature in your device you can simply magnify your smartphone screen to your TV.

Features of Showbox App for TV

There follow features will prompt you to start to use Showbox on your TV set.

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  • Showbox is 100% free and free for life
  • No ads on Showbox for TV
  • No registration is required
  • No cable subscription
  • Access to unlimited numbers of movies
  • Showbox can easily replace cable TV at home
  • No monthly or one-time fee

There are a lot of features and benefits you can derive from using Showbox at home on your TV other than the list above. With time, you will discover more features of the movies HD app on your TV.

Mirror Showbox on TV Using External Media Player

These procedures allow Showbox users to use Showbox on TV. These procedures work on all media player that can be linked to your Smartphone such as Android, iOS, and Windows.

  • Launch the Showbox APK app on your Android or iOS device
  • Click on settings
  • Click on default player
  • Click on other players
  • Go back to movies’ section
  • Search for the movies to watch on your TV
  • Click on it
  • Tap  watch now
  • Select the name of your TV from the list
  • Done.

Now, with this, you will be able to watch Showbox movies on the selected TV. Note that, you must first connect your TV to your smart device.

How to Mirror Phone with Showbox to TV

If you have a device like Samsung you can go wireless to start to watch Showbox movies on your Samsung smartphone on your TV. Follow these procedures to mirror your Samsung to your TV.

  • Go to your phone’s Settings
  • Tap on Connections
  • Go to Screen mirroring
  • Turn Mirroring
  • Select TV
  • Mirror will begin.

The above procedures are compatible HDTV, Blu-ray player, or AllShare Hub should appear in the device list.

Just follow the procedures above to share Showbox on TV using either the external media player or device mirroring option.

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