Best Devices to Stream Movies on Showbox

Watch Showbox for iPhone/iPad

Showbox is a TV app to watch and download movies on a series of devices. These devices can be used to streaming movies online on all devices that have an access to the internet. Streaming Showbox movies don’t require a subscription. All you need to stream Showbox on your device is to download and install the app on your device, connect your device to the internet, search for your favorite movie to watch, take a cup of coffee and enjoy. You can even magnify your device screen if you are not watching Showbox on a TV.

The number of devices and media to stream movies on Showbox is on the increasing side. Day by day, we discover a new media player to streaming Showbox movies online installing only the TV app or my mirror your device screen to your PC or TV just like the case of Smart TVs such as Samsung, LG, Hisense, and others. has taken a keen decision to make sure you are able to stream Showbox on all available device in your home. However, here in this article, Showbox Tv App will share with you best-streaming media players to stream Showbox movies at home.

Streaming Showbox Movies at Home

There are various means to watch Showbox movies at home without spending additional money on paying for a cable subscription. This post will help reduce your cost on TV-cable subscription sharing with your home devices you can download and install Showbox APK for free.

Android Phone

Streaming Showbox Movies

If you have an Android phone you have abandoned because you have got a new smartphone, maybe iPhone or Samsung, it’s high time to go take it again and turn it into a TV. You can use an old smartphone for this if you can’t afford to dedicate your new smartphone to watch movies at home.

To add more fun to streaming Showbox movies on an Android device, use a mobile magnifier to magnify the screen on the smartphone and turn it into a TV with a big screen. You can also use this procedure to download Showbox and mirror it on your Smart TV like Samsung. Check this guide on how to stream Showbox on Samsung.


Watch Showbox for iPhone/iPad

If you own one of the old iOS devices like the first iPhone generation you kept at home because you now an iPhone 6, just go get it an download Showbox for iOS to start to watch Showbox on your iPhone.

This doesn’t call for an additional cost. However, if you are in a place where multiple of friends and family will love to enjoy with you, getting an iOS magnifier isn’t a bad choice. Meanwhile, you can also mirror your iPhone screen to your TV, if connected to the same network and enjoy latest and new Bollywood and Hollywood movies on your old iPhone with the help of Showbox iOS app.

Showbox on Chromecast

Stream Showbox Movies

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Google Chromecast is a tool to enjoy free movies at home with the help of the Showbox APK app. Although, there is no trick to use this app on your Chromecast. You can either download Showbox add-on or mirror your device screen to your TV.

Since the Chromecast is a media player that can easily download and install the app from third-party stores, which is often referred to as unknown sources, you can download Showbox APK and install it on your Chromecast to stream Showbox movies at home.

Laptop/Desktop Computer

Streaming Showbox Movies

In this 21st century, a laptop or a desktop is found in a home. However, this can also serve as a means to watch Showbox movies at home. No need to mirror Showbox to your PC or download add-on to use Showbox on your PC.

However, you can use Showbox online with the help of a browser’s extension though. But, with the use of smartphone emulators available all around you can download and install Showbox on a PC running Windows 8 or Windows 10 as well as on a Mac computer.

Kodi Media Players

Streaming Showbox on Kodi

If you are a Kodi media player die-hard fan and a Showbox loyalist, here is the good news. Kodi media players support different add-ons. Which implies that you can download and install add-on of your choice on Kodi. However, and without missing it differently, you can download Showbox APK and install it on your Kodi media players.

Streaming Showbox movies on Kodi takes a different form. Unlike Smart TV where you are to download the APK app and install it on your smartphone before mirroring it on your Smart TV. With the Kodi add-on, the only thing you need to do is download Showbox APK and install the APK app as an add-on.

Amazon FireStick

Firestick is a vibrant media player made by Amazon Inc… You can also use install Showbox on the media player to enjoy free movies online. As long as you know the means to make it happen, you can download, install, and start to stream Showbox movies on your firestick. With this, you will eventually give a breeding space for your Smartphone [iOS/Android/Windows] and you PC [Windows / Mac].


sTREAMING Showbox on PS4

Yes, you can use Showbox on PS4. Most people know PS4 and other Play Station versions as a game console. However, using Showbox on PS4 doesn’t change anything and doesn’t change the fact that the console is meant for playing 3D games.

With PS4 game console at home, you can download Showbox and start to stream movies on your game console connected to your Smart TV.

Do you enjoy streaming Showbox movies online on your gadgets? What is your choice of gadget to stream Showbox at home?

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