Update Showbox APK/App

Update Showbox

Update Showbox to the latest version could take various approaches. If you are using Showbox from the play store you can download the latest version from the play store. If you are using the Showbox APK, you can download latest Showbox APK or update to the latest from when you launch Showbox and the update is available.

However, if you don’t know how to upgrade your Showbox APK app and Showbox from the play store here is a guide for you.

Showbox app is an app specially developed for entertainment. It offers a cable-less access to top Nollywood, Hollywood, and Bollywood movies on smartphones. Showbox is the cheapest tool to watch movies on the internet without a subscription and without a one-time lifetime fee.

Therefore, to stay ahead of bugs and other mischievous of not using latest apps’ version you have to update Showbox to the latest version so that the app will not be lagging on your phone and you will not create a loophole for hackers to the app as an access to your phone because you failed to upgrade to the latest version to help fix bugs and loopholes discovered by the users and app developers.

How to Update Showbox Play Store App

If you are using the Showbox downloaded from the Google play store here is how to upgrade to the latest version without removing the older version.

  • Launch the Google play store app on your phone app menu
  • Tap on the more option within the app to the top right and click on apps & games
  • Scroll down to find “Showbox” and tap on the app
  • Tap on “Update”
  • Wait for a couple of minutes and the app will complete updating to the newer version replacing the older version with the newly downloaded from the Google play store.

Note that when you are updating Showbox directly from the Google play store you do not need to remove the older version as Google play store will automatically roll into the older version the new scripts to update it without removing the app.

How to Update Showbox APK

There are two ways to update to the latest Showbox APK app. The first approach is to download the latest Showbox APK, remove the older version from your phone, and install the latest version downloaded. This could be the easiest approach but this can consume data and at times, you may not get it done instantly.

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However, another sincere way to update Showbox is to directly update the app when there is a popup saying that the app has a new updated version for you to update to.

  • Launch Showbox APK on your phone
  • You will see a notification with”Available a new version!  Please update the program from our server!

Update Showbox

  • Tap on the update to update now or tap on “remind me later” to popup the update notification when next your launch Showbox APK on your phone.

Update Showbox

  • This what you’ll see when to download the latest Showbox update from the popup

Update Showbox

  • Tap on the “install” under new to add the new update or tap on “all” to reinstall the app from the start.
  • Tap “done” to finish installation and you are done.

Now you will be running the latest Showbox App on your Android phone. Share if you were able to update your Showbox with this guide.


  1. Went into play store app isn’t there and its not popping up as to update the version I have it was a week or so ago but been in hospital how can i fix this but must be easy as am not very tuned in to stuff like this….

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