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Showbox online

The number of ways to run Showbox online isn’t limited to a single approach. However, for smartphones, you only need to download and install Showbox APK. For iOS, download Showbox iOS app. This appears to be the only valid way to use Showbox app on iOS [iPhone / iPad]. However, for PC and Mac computers, apart from using a smartphone emulator such as GenyMotion, BlueStacks, Nox player, and many others, users may also download Showbox extension to run Showbox online on a computer browser.

There are various browsers extensions to watch Showbox successfully online most especially using a Google Chromecast. The same thing goes for Chrome browser to enjoy Showbox online. With this approach, you no longer need to download and install an iOS or Android emulator.

This is by far better than installing Showbox on a desktop. This approach installs Showbox web on the computer browser where you can easily stream Showbox while browsing another site online.

There is no special technical know how to download Showbox extension and start to stream movies online using the desired web browser. Here in this article today, Showbox Tv App will take a look at various browsers extension you can install to watch Showbox movies on the web.

Watch Showbox Online Using ACR Welder

ARC Welder is a Chrome extension to download and install a third-party app such as Showbox APK and install it on a Chrome browser. You can as well use this ARC Welder to install APK app on the Google Chromecast if you have one. In our next article to use Showbox online, we’ll discuss how to use Arc Welder to download and install any APK app on the Google Chromecast.

Download and install the ARC Welder Chrome browser’s plugin. The APK installer has over 1 million users at the time of writing this article

Go to the Chrome browser’s settings and go to apps. Better still type “chrome://apps/” without the quotes into the Chrome search box and click on the search box.

Download Showbox APK to your computer [Laptop or PC]. If you already have the APK app consider skipping this step.

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Now, go back to the app section in Chrome at chrome://apps/, refresh the page by press F5, and “ARC Welder” extension would have been added.

Showbox Online

Click on the ARC Welder extension, click on add your APK, and select “Showbox.apk” app from your computer’s download folder.

A new folder will open with an interface to configure your Showbox online access on your Chrome OS device or software. Now, for a simple interface select landscape as the orientation and full screen under the factor’s section and click on the “Text” button.

Showbox online web

Now refresh the “chrome://apps/” and Showbox app will be added to your Chrome browser for streaming movies directly on your Chrome or other Chrome OS device like Chromecast.

Showbox online

When next you want to stream movies on Chrome online without using an emulator just go to the app section in your Chrome and launch the free movies app to enjoy.

Note: ARC Welder is one of the biggest extension in the Chrome store weighing 70% more than an average extension. It weighs over 170MB in size.

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